Learn to run safely with dogs

Illustration : "Apprendre à courir avec son chien en toute sécurité"

you have a dog. Do you want to exercise with it? You can participate in all kinds of activities. Among them, the famous canine. It’s a demanding discipline, but it’s very good for your relationship with your pet. However, you must know how to follow your dog’s gait. How did this happen? Let’s watch it together.


study guide for health examination before the game. Don’t your dog know its direction? Constantly adapt to your dog, learn to listen to what your dog shouldn’t do, sum up

running with his dog, nothing is easier than this! Are you sure? Canines don’t just run with an elastic line. Like a solo, the goal is to find the right rhythm to have fun so that you don’t get tired too fast. The best way is to let your dog run safely. Before the

competition, the

health examination starts even before practicing canines. All dogs can be canines. If your dog has a specific racial orientation, no matter how old your dog is. The purpose of this discipline is to enjoy and share a happy sports moment.

in any case, you must go to your veterinarian for a comprehensive examination. Before you start to relax your legs with him, take an ability test.

in addition, you must remember that if your dog has just swallowed food, you should avoid running. Before training on a steep path, it takes at least 2 hours. In some fatal cases, it may cause stomach turnover.


commands “forward”, “right”, “left”, “gently”, “Stop”… Guidelines are very important in canine practice. In fact, your dog will always sit in front of you. In fact, he is your guide and the guarantee of successful exit. He should not be allowed to decide which way to go. Before you can really practice this sport, your dog must practice listening to your voice. Don’t hesitate, go to your garden, go to a field, go to a place where people rarely go, and tell him the direction. Even better, reminders are essential.

doesn’t your dog know its direction?

when you take him to the forest, street or running, please tell him the direction at any time. He’ll store them. You should know that learning four commands does little to help your dog’s ability. Reflection will come soon.

more importantly, don’t hesitate to mix your dog with other dogs of the same kind. In fact, the practice of Canine Animals in competition and leisure is usually carried out in “confrontation”. In fact, your dog will encounter other canines. He must show social skills.

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. Just like you train a half marathon or marathon, 21km or 42km is not completed in one time. Canicross requires a gradual start. In addition, you must associate your physical labor with that of your dog. You are a friend. Your partner doesn’t have to put up with your rhythm. You must constantly adapt to it.

canine training will be divided into several stages:

when you reach the place where you want to run, don’t hesitate to walk or let the dog go, so that it can relax. youYou can use it to prepare. Then you can start a warm-up with your dog free or tied. Your dog needs a warm-up as much as you do. In fact, you shouldn’t walk too fast when you run. Jog gently and gradually speed up your pace after a few minutes. After training, don’t hesitate to let your dog fall or walk around and let him come back.

reminds you that if there is no danger around you, you can train in free running. Always start at a short distance (1 to 2 kilometers) so that your dog will find these new feelings and feel comfortable.

learn how to listen to your dog

sometimes your dog doesn’t tend to run. Forget the exit. You must not force your dog to do sports he doesn’t want to do. This is the best way to make him sick. What’s worse, he may just be making his own decisions to let you know that he has no motivation. Canines must be fun!

do your best, and you must also learn to find signs of fatigue in your loyal partner. He should not be exhausted by lack of strength. Once the race begins to weaken, stop the race.

finally, consider coordinating your stride with the dog’s stride. Maybe your running style will change. This is no longer a problem of running alone, but with the gait of your animal.

should not do

running is only suitable for healthy dogs, who have successfully completed all the steps mentioned above. On the contrary, if

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in France is very hot, please avoid letting your dog run. In midsummer, the temperature may become very cold in the process of your efforts. So is your pet. Your dog hasn’t finished growing yet, although one school says you can start the race smoothly with your 10 month old dog. Generally speaking, it’s best to wait a year. Your dog has back pain or physical problems, or even heart disease. Your dog is overweight. In short,

canine is a highly demanding subject for you and your dog. This sport requires solid knowledge and continuous training, especially under the guidance of your animals. He must absorb them to run safely. Don’t hesitate to reward him through positive education and let him practice this subject in your company. Of course, you must get the veterinarian’s approval. Finally, like any sport, training intensity increases over time.

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