18 photos of Karelian Bear Dogs, a breed you’ll want to get to know

The Karelian Bear Dog is a medium-sized Spitz-type dog covered with thick black fur tinted with white markings.

Courageous and determined, these are the main character traits of the Karelian Bear Dog. A hunter at heart, he has a very fine sense of smell and a remarkable sense of direction. His favorite game? The elk and the bear, as the name suggests.

Although the breed was developed primarily for work and hunting, it can become a great life companion for a family, with which it enjoys long daily walks, ideally in the heart of nature. His balanced temperament is equally esteemed.

Through 18 photos, discover the Karelian Bear Dog!

1. This adorable puppy is starting to discover the world

2. Since he did something stupid in the garden, he must have taken a good bath !

3. He loves to have fun , especially with members of his household

4. Energetic, he needs to exercise every day

5. But he also likes to enjoy a little relaxation from time to time

6. Dry food , treats, water , toys: the luggage of this keen hiking dog is ready.

7. Would he be looking for a delicious fish for dinner?

8. After a good walk, he likes to rest …

9. Sometimes alone …

10. Or in the company of family members, including cats !

11. He was so tired after a long walk that he fell asleep immediately on his way home.

12. Once his energy is restored, he is ready to go on an adventure! (And with several, it’s even better!)

13. Given its thick fur, the Karelian Bear Dog has difficulty tolerating hot weather.

14. He appreciates sweets as much as his fellows

15. He became addicted to the huge plush toy that his owners gave him

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16. This Karelian Bear Dog just wants a little kiss!

17. He knows he made a mistake and apologizes with all his heart.

18. He knows he’s handsome and smiles every time his family takes a picture of him!


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