20 artist photos of dogs in full confinement

The confinement inspired the artist photographer Ria Putzker to create a very artistic staging of her dogs. These photos are indeed particularly successful.

During the confinement, the artists had to be inventive in order to continue producing their works despite the isolation. This is what the photographer artist Ria Putzker did from her home in Austria.

The 23-year-old professional was passionate about taking pictures of her dogs in the light of day. During confinement, she had to change her approach somewhat. His 4 dogs, all adopted from a shelter, are, for the most part, crossbreeds. Eddy is a German Shepherd cross, Maki is a Kooikerhondje cross, Ginny is a Pomeranian and Eddy is a Dachshund cross.

Here are 20 photos of the dogs by artist photographer Ria Putzker , taken by herself.

1. Games and snacking are among the bad habits favored by confinement

2. Lighting worthy of the greatest black films

3. Something tells us this dog dreams of marshmallows

4. It’s bath time

5. Are dogs allowed to eat sushi?

6. Because you always have to find something to do

7. In winter, there is nothing better than the evenings under the blanket TV

8. Music softens manners and cradles us even in the arms of Morpheus.

9. With all this free time, it’s best to devour all the books lying around on the library shelf.

10. This photo would make a nice poster for a superhero movie.

11. Confinement was an opportunity to discover leadership talents

12. Not to mention the hugs and play sessions with friends

13. This butterfly brings the lightness of spring

14. Starry nights are conducive to daydreaming

15. This dog intends to go on an adventure

16. They’re ready for a nap

17. Time to read a little story to the dogs before putting them to bed

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18. These dogs play mediums

19. They also try their hand at photography

20. A heavenly staging for the most beautiful of dogs


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