Every day this benevolent owner transports his paralyzed dog in a trailer in order to offer him more mobility!

Because his dog has lost the use of his paws, his master takes him for a walk every day in a cart. Witness of the scene, a resident shared his story on Facebook.

Last year, a few days before Christmas, Bryan Thompson witnessed a scene that moved and marked him , as reported by Go Animals . This inhabitant of the vicinity of Shubie Park , in Darmouth in the State of Massachusetts (northeast of the United States) was taking a walk when he saw a man pulling a cart in which was a dog .

The canine was comfortably installed and warm thanks to the blankets that his benevolent master had taken care to place. Touched by what he saw, Bryan Thompson decided to photograph the duo.

He then approached the dog’s owner to chat with him. The latter told him that his 4-legged companion was elderly and that he suffered from degenerative myelopathy . This disease corresponds to a progressive degeneration of the spinal cord and causes total paralysis of the limbs.

The animal could no longer stand on its feet, let alone move around on its own. However, there was no question for his owner to leave him all day at home. So he had gotten into the habit of taking him for a ride on this cart so that he could continue to enjoy the fresh air, the sun, the snow and meet new people.

When Bryan Thompson expressed his admiration for him , the man replied that he had absolutely no doubt that, if the tables were turned, his dog would have done the same for him. Words that he will never forget and that he admitted to having trouble writing, so much emotion overwhelmed him, as he explained in his Facebook post (below).


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