The police break a window to try to extract a dog locked in a car in the sun at more than 45 degrees! (video)

In Florida, police officers had no choice but to smash one of the windows of the car in which a dog was locked, to save his life. Inside the vehicle parked in the sun, the temperature had greatly exceeded 40 ° C and continued to rise.

In Sarasota , West Florida, law enforcement intervened to rescue a suffocating Pitbull inside a parked car, where he was locked up. A rescue reported by Newsweek on Monday, May 17.

On its Facebook page, the Sarasota police posted a video showing the intervention of its officers, filmed thanks to the camera-pedestrian carried by one of them.

Warned by a passer-by, the patrol quickly arrived on the scene and assessed the situation. Police found that the engine was off, all doors were locked and the dog was panting. They were accompanied by an animal service officer from the local county sheriff’s office.

Sarasota Police Department / Facebook

One of the officers then decided to break one of the windows of the vehicle, while his colleague pulled the dog to the opposite side to prevent him from receiving broken glass.

They were then able to unlock the rear door and the animal service officer took it upon themselves to get the Pitbull out using a capture pole. After cooling the animal, she inspected the interior of the car and pointed out to the police that the temperature there had reached 46 ° C. Without their intervention, she would have continued to show quickly and the Pitbull would not have survived.

Sarasota Police Department / Facebook

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