15 animals for whom public transport is a piece of cake

Some of our pets are frequent users of public transport. You just have to see these photos to be convinced.

While some dogs and cats get motion sickness, others are much more comfortable. Depending on the nature of the animal, the way its owner reassures it and also the number of times it takes public transport , some pets are exemplary passengers.

Here are 15 photos of cats and dogs that are comfortable in public transport.

1. Tired, this dog snuggled up against his owner during the metro ride

2. This Chow Chow is a very disciplined passenger in the subway

3. This puppy melts the hearts of all the passengers on this plane

4. A Golden Retriever puppy ready for the train journey

5. A plane with a rather special convoy

6. A lovely Labrador who knows the safety instructions in public transport and does not stray from his master

7. An Irish Setter occupying his seat wisely

8. Long journeys make him sleepy

9. This kitten is still only on its first trips

10. When he was little, this dog only felt reassured on the plane when he was wrapped in his favorite blanket. Growing up he is no longer afraid but he kept his old blanket

11. When his master falls asleep, this Chihuahua also takes a nap

12. Dogs and cats are the funniest passengers

13. Faithful companions, they very often fall asleep in the metro when they come home from shopping.

14. The front passenger greets the one behind

15. He is happy because he knows that the time has come to descend and discover a new destination.


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