Canine gastric distension torsion

Illustration : "La dilatation-torsion de l'estomac chez le chien"

gastric distension and torsion are one of the most important emergencies that can protect dogs. It is a bit like a veterinarian’s “black beast” because it is sudden and serious. In this emergency situation, the traditional suggestion is to improve the food distribution of 2 to 3 meals a day for all dogs and reduce the amount of less abundant fish tanks provided at different times of the day. Unfortunately, heredity and genetic predisposition are often considered to be responsible for the transmission of risk factors for this syndrome in some dog lines and breeds. More than one third of German dogs are sensitive to it. Dogs have a retractable and movable stomach. Sudden dilation usually occurs at the end of the day. The main complication of dilation: 180 ° torsion. More than one third of German dogs are sensitive to

, even rare, However, it is still very serious and related to so-called giant breeds, such as German dog, Pyrenees, Naples morning or large breeds, including deep breasted breeds, such as German shepherd, Irish setter, Gordon Setter, Weimar Braque, Doberman, Lowe, boxer… Labrador and its hybrids are quite safe, but their overeating behavior sometimes exposes them to the same risk factors, which should be vigilant.

for risky varieties, it is necessary to strengthen monitoring after the age of 3, Dogs with previous abdominal distension or abdominal trauma, dogs from known susceptible families. Any stressor, lifestyle change or persistent anxiety will affect the dog’s digestive comfort… In these difficult times, taking probiotics may help.

dog’s stomach is retractable and movable, and

is different from its friend cat, The dog has a retractable stomach, which is located under the diaphragm on the left side of the chest. The volume changes greatly, allowing the dog to eat very large food at one time (from 0.5 liters of the dog to 7 liters of the large dog breed). It is in the high digestive activity of 2 hours after meal that if the stomach is not well supported or fixed, the stomach will expand, contract and distort. But only chewing and tearing, and then swallowing, saliva has no effect on the dog’s digestion. A meal that is quickly swallowed by a large amount of air and water, and the accompanying excessive, intense and unusual physical labor, seem to be the factors leading to gastric dilation Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. However, some scientists continue to study the role and impact of other parameters, such as food, quality (easier to digest) and distribution, to avoid excessive gametes to limit air intake, Or the texture of the food, mix them to get a soft pie so that it can be swallowed more easily.

sudden expansion usually occurs at the end of the day,

sudden expansion of the stomach can cause very serious abdominal pain, Abdominal distension can be seen from the outside, like a “balloon full of gas”. Gastric dilatation reduces the internal pressure of other organs and blood vesselsE rinse the whole body, but also the dog’s heart.

in this simple expansion stage, consult your veterinarian soon, and then “deflate” the stomach by sampling. However, resuscitation is essential to reduce the potential shock complications associated with vascular compression in vivo.

can consider surgically fixing the stomach to the abdominal wall or chest (gastroparesis), Thus limiting potentially fatal torsion complications; If your veterinarian finds some risk factors between breed and lifestyle, he sometimes proposes a measure. The main complications of

expansion: if your dog presents

, the

also reads:

dog’s intestines and stomach are swollen and hard, trying to vomit, However, if it is not successful, saliva and foam will be difficult to breathe. He lies nervously on his side without any discomfort, heart beating, changes in gum color, his baby…

his time is up. In fact, the active stomach contracts and its relaxation enables it to rotate violently and carry other tissues, including the arteries that irrigate the spleen and liver. Reversal is associated with unsustainable pain levels, and decreased tension can lead to shock in a very short time.

please contact the veterinary organization that can deal with this emergency as soon as possible… Speed is the key factor in maintaining the dog’s survival chances. Correctly describing the prompt signals in the phone can help diagnose and help the nursing team prepare for your dog, such as a UAV. In life-threatening situations, rapid response (less than 5 hours after the first symptom) and high-quality treatment can reduce mortality by 45-10%. “Kdspe

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