7 tips for introducing your new pet to your family

Welcoming a new pet into your family requires a delicate approach. Here are 7 tips to make the meeting go smoothly.

Before adopting a dog or a cat, you have to ask yourself the right questions. If your track record gives you good reasons to do so, you can take the next step. This step consists of the introduction of the animal into the house. The first moments of the meeting between the new tenant and the cat or the dog already present requires a lot of skill . The presence of a newborn also requires delicacy.

Here are 7 things to know before introducing a new pet to your family.

1. Introduce your dog to a new canine companion

When introducing an adult dog to your pet, you must first start with an olfactory introduction . Following which, it is advisable to give the dog a reward for giving a positive aspect to this smell.

After that, you have to get the dogs to meet on neutral ground , outside the house for example. Then, the owner will have to observe all the reactions of the 2 dogs.

Once the dogs are relaxed in each other’s company, we can guide them inside without rushing them. All positive feedback should be rewarded in order to be encouraged .

2. Sometimes you have to be patient before seeing your dogs get along

Sometimes an older dog may not accept the presence of a newcomer, or the newcomer may find it intimidating . The first meetings will prove to be unsuccessful.

In this case, it is better to separate them in order to start the presentations again later. Not seeing each other and not being able to reach each other, the spirits will be calm.

If no positive development is noted after a few weeks, it is better to refer it to a specialist.

3. Accompany his dogs during their first period under the same roof

The meeting between the dogs can happen in a harmonious way outside the house, and stress them once inside .

This is why, after the meeting outdoors, it may be advisable to put them on a leash when bringing them indoors.

Beforehand, think about removing all toys , bowls and any other object belonging to the current tenant so that they do not arouse a defensive attitude.

Accompanying dogs during their meals and separating the bowls is also very important to build a climate of trust.

4. Introducing a dog to a cat

Cats have the ability to get along with a newly adopted dog. However, the first meeting can be a very big change for them.

It is therefore necessary to take it as gently as during meetings between dogs.

Contact between the 2 animals should not be forced. Everyone should approach the other when they want. The owner should monitor each other’s reactions and separate them if there is any discomfort. The times of the meal must obviously be respected.

5. Introduce a puppy to a newborn

The dog will first have to understand the smell of the baby , by means of a blanket for example. A reward will have to follow.

The puppy should not be locked up but let him go out as he pleases in order to avoid crying.

6. Introduce a puppy or kitten to an adult animal

Puppies and kittens are vulnerable in the presence of adult dogs. This is why you must first run the encounter using the sniff and reward methods.

Then, you have to supervise their interactions in order to protect the little ones.

The latter are also very energetic , they can annoy the adult dog by their play, their curiosity. What is best to avoid at first.

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7. Introduce a dog to his family

When you have children and adopt an animal, they can play with it in a brutal way. Just like an adult dog can be reckless with children.

So you have to teach your children the right way to approach an animal. It is also advisable to never leave them alone with the dog until a friendship has been established.

Talking with the shelter or the breeder can be very informative.


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