Thirsty and overwhelmed by the heat, this young dog begs a man to save him

On a hot day in the United Arab Emirates, a young stray dog was desperate for a bit of coolness in the shade of a car. It was the hard day-to-day life of Snowy, who until then had known only day-to-day survival, until a man crossed her path.

It was extremely hot that day in Dubai . Anand Raman had decided to go visit his sister at her workplace. Upon arriving at his destination, he noticed a young stray dog lying in the shade of a car parked nearby. The animal ate whatever food left for it by local workers. He had very dirty hair and misshapen front legs , as The Dodo relates.

Anand chose to sit next to him on the sidewalk to stroke him . The quadruped couldn’t get over it; he came running up to him as if he were an old friend. The man then took him inside his vehicle and the animal quickly fell asleep on his shoulder.

He then had to teach him the basics of dog training . Anand had to be patient , because Snowy had only known street life until then and was totally disoriented . He spent most of his time sitting in a corner, and on walks he seemed terrified . Maybe he was afraid of being abandoned again … But little by little, the canine began to understand that Anand was there to protect him and take care of him, that he was his family .

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2 months after its adoption , the progress it showed was enormous. Now Snowy behaves very well with other dogs, Anand’s guests, and even children . He is happy and safe


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