Association tracks meat trucks with 27 dogs destined for illegal Chinese markets, finds families in California

In total, 27 dogs, most of them Beagles, were recently rescued from Chinese slaughterhouses by an American organization, and are preparing to start their new lives in the United States. Their arrival in California is scheduled for these Saturday and Sunday.

This weekend, 18 Beagles and 9 other dogs are expected to arrive at Los Angeles International Airport from Beijing , reports the New York Post . A 14 hour long plane trip , which means the start of a new life for these canines.

The animals were uprooted from the dog meat trade thanks to the efforts of members of No Dogs Left Behind , a New York association , aided by Chinese animal activists.

It had been 10 months since Jeffrey Beri and other activists tracked down the trucks, circuits, slaughterhouse owners and restaurateurs involved in this cruel business . They braved the pressures, hardships and the Covid-19 pandemic to make the operation a success .

The organization also benefited from the support of teams from the Beagle Freedom Project and the Rescue Paw Foundation in this long and complex mission.

After their rescue , the quadrupeds were rehabilitated , re-accustomed to being touched, cared for and loved. In other words, they were prepared to become what they should have been and to finally experience the family life that should have been theirs from the start.

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Shortly after their arrival in the United States, the 27 dogs will be able to return to their new homes . Their adopters live in California, but also in neighboring Oregon and Colorado.


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