Mother’s Day: 8 Reasons Animal Moms Deserve the Gold Medal

Mother’s Day is fast approaching! Through a selection of moving photos, Woopets decided to pay tribute to all mothers, especially those from the animal kingdom.

Maternal love is universal. Humans aren’t the only ones who bend over backwards for the well-being and safety of their offspring. Dogs and cats too can be exemplary parents who deserve a gold medal!

From the birth of puppies and kittens to their independence, their mothers constantly watch over them and accompany their first steps in life.

Here are 8 photos placed under the sign of maternal tenderness to celebrate mothers as it should …

1. They give life

© Reddit

2. They teach their little ones the right things to do.


3. Moms show great patience

© Dreikaesehoch / Imgur

4. They are always ready to play their favorite games.


5. Moms constantly encourage and comfort their babies


6. Mothers protect their offspring at all times

© escimages / 500px

7. The well-being of their babies comes before theirs

© outsyinsy / Imgur

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8. A mother’s love is unconditional

© Reddit


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