Rescue workers intervene to try to save a dog hanging on the wall of an apartment after falling 10 meters high (Video)

After narrowly failing to take a fatal fall, a dog found himself hanging from a window several meters high. Fortunately, the firefighters arrived quickly and rescued him.

Reported by MSN , the spectacular rescue of a dog took place on November 25 in Manila , capital of the Philippines. Neighbors filmed the scene.

That day, the dog in question fell from the 3rd floor of a building and, luckily, was saved by his leash that had clung to the window. However, the canine was suspended above the void. He was gripping the wall as best he could, but he was clearly at the end of his rope .

In the video , we can see a ladder deployed by firefighters just below. One of them climbs up, then tries to push the dog from below using a bar. A strategy that has not borne fruit. The rescuer then changes method. He decides to climb by leaning on a window, then on the supports of the outer block of an air conditioner.

He thus succeeds in unhooking the quadruped and seizing it , before passing it on to his colleague, holding it by the collar . The dog was safe and sound .

According to the testimony of a neighbor, Keithley Ann Tracy Asistio , the dog was left alone in his owners’ apartment with the window open . He had jumped on the edge of it, then slipped .

We saw it suspended for 15 minutes before the firefighters arrived. We prayed that he would get away with it , ”she says.

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