Compared to a feline or a bear cub, this dog quickly became a star in Vietnam

Gấu Mèo Bắc Mỹ / Facebook

This young hybrid dog responds to the name of Dúi and is already a star on social networks. He lives in Vietnam with his owners and several other of his congeners to whom he shows all colors.

Dúi is a truly unique looking puppy . Its round head and thick hair make it look like a teddy bear . Some even bring it closer to the cat . It is true that its physical characteristics are confusing, as Demotivator tells it.

But as soon as we discover one of the videos posted on the Facebook page that its owners dedicate to it, there is no longer any room for doubt; his movements, his way of playing and especially his tail which almost never stops wagging are those of a dog .

Its owners, in fact, are Hai Anh and Tuan , Vietnamese. They explain to the many fans who follow the adventures of the adorable puppy that it is a hybrid , resulting from the cross between a local canine breed and a Dingo . The Dingo is a dog returned to the wild when it was originally a domestic animal. It is found in Vietnam, in other countries of Southeast Asia or in Australia.

Thanks to the Facebook page dedicated to him, Dúi the puppy is not only famous in his country, but also all over the world. It has been the subject of various reports and publications, so much it does not resemble any other of its congeners.

The quadruped seems, in any case, very happy where he lives. He is surrounded by other dogs that he does not hesitate to provoke, although they are much larger than him.

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