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The hair of Illustration : "Les problèmes de poils chez le chien" and

dogs is usually a measurement tool to check the health of their partners. Fragile, dry or falling hair requires special attention and may indicate health problems.


In short,

dogs’ normal depilation seasonal molting season means that your dog has a large amount of depilation. Don’t worry, this is your partner’s development cycle, which is natural.

to prevent him / her from falling too much, you must brush your teeth regularly. However, every year your dog will experience two periods of hair spreading:

in spring, your dog will lose winter hair when it first molts. In autumn, your dog will lose its summer hair. It’s thicker in winter. They will protect your dog from the cold. The biggest loss of

is the medium and long haired dog. Finally, another normal condition of hair removal occurs in pregnant or newly delivered bitches.

although these molting periods cannot be avoided, regular brushing with a metal comb or handle brush can remove dead hair, Remove the dirt brought by dust and ventilate the skin. It promotes regeneration. In fact, brush your dog at least once a week, no matter what breed they are. During these molting periods, brushing should be intensified at least once every 2 days. It can prevent dog knots and you from loosening them angrily.

in some varieties, combing is a necessary supplement to brushing teeth. Several times a year, your dog may need to take a bath and sit on the dresser. There, you can trim her hair, mane or cut her hair. You can go to a professional beautician. Dog hair loss caused by


if dog hair loss is not always worrying, this loss may be caused by parasitic or hormonal diseases.

For parasitic or fungal diseases, there is

scabies. It is caused by mites. Touching the sides, ears and upper limbs shows severe itching. worm. It is a fungus that feeds on hair (especially keratin). Results: you will see hair removal, especially on the head, thighs or hips. It does not cause itching, but the disease is still infectious to humans and other animals. Flea bite dermatitis (DAPP). This is an allergy caused by flea bites (as the name suggests), especially saliva. These allergies can cause a lot of hair loss because the dog has too many scratches. devil. The name of the disease comes from the mite “Demodex”. It does not cause urticaria and can wipe the oral and eye areas, resulting in infection. The disease usually occurs in very weak dogs or dogs.

also has some hormonal diseases that can cause hair loss. For example,

receives suggestions from woopets through registered newsletters. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about hypothyroidism. The dog is weak and soft. The disease is characterized by dark spots and thickening of the skin. diabetes. Insulin deficiency forces dogs to drink more water and urinate more. The disease is very dangerous and requires immediate medical attention.E is usually accompanied by obesity in dogs. Cushing’s syndrome. The dog eats and drinks badly. Estrogen increased. This is an ovarian cyst that affects testicular tumors in non sterilized women or men.

finally, excessive licking of certain parts of the body may also cause hair to fall to these parts of the body. This may be due to behavioral disorders, such as stress or allergies.

feeding and depilation

although some foods may cause depilation or plaque, some nutrients are still essential for dog peeling. Protein, vitamin A or polyunsaturated fatty acids are essential for your dog’s health and peeling.

in the diet, the general shape of your dog is essential to maintain its hair. This does not prevent molting or possible diseases, but will limit hair loss in the former and reduce the risk of bacteria and parasites in the latter. Tired dogs will have poor hair. Improper doses of

drugs and allergy

veterinarians may also be the cause of your partner’s hair loss. Follow the instructions to avoid causing reactions in dogs.

like humans, certain allergens such as pollen, dust, mold, feathers or herbs can damage the health of dogs. In fact, this can lead to itching and red patches.

also read: how to reduce the itching of dogs?

finally, form the habit of carefully examining the dog’s fur to check its health. Tell your veterinarian about any abnormalities for rapid and definite diagnosis and effective treatment.

in short, there may be several reasons for the depilation of

dogs: molting, parasites and allergies. To strengthen your dog’s hair and reduce the risk of massive hair loss: health, diet, brushing and combing.

Infographie : La perte de poils chez le chien

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