To rehabilitate so-called difficult dogs, this man teaches them surfing!

A professional Australian surfer rescues dogs abandoned for their difficult nature, by making them ride with him on his surfboard.

Chris de Aboitiz is a former surf champion . Residing in Australia, he tames the waves of Australian beaches in the company of his 4 dogs , and this, for ten years. His dogs are called Murphy, Max, Millie and Rama . Aboitiz saved them from the streets and today they love to surf with their owner.

Now a dog trainer , Aboitiz and his troop sail the seas of Australia to help dogs with difficult character and their owners learn to communicate. He does this by teaching dogs to surf .

The coach recommends training them first on calm waters in order to get them used to it, before getting down to business.

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The former champion of surfing succeeds there in a big rescue operation since the dogs with difficult character are very often neglected by their masters who can no longer manage them. These dogs left homeless or euthanized. Aboitiz saves their lives and gives them a taste for it, in addition to re-educating them thanks to the great therapeutic power of seawater.


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