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holidays start, stressors… Especially when you have to take a dog. So what precautions should be taken? Don’t you recommend taking a dog on vacation?

executive summary

precautions before departure taking your dog

on car travel all these issues are important before leaving for vacation.

is beyond your preparation, You need to be ready for him to leave with his dog. This is not an easy task. Therefore, it is not recommended to drive with a dog, but it takes some preparation time. The most important thing is to have a strong sense of organization. The preventive measures before the departure of

ensure that your dog has good tattoo and electronic chip recognition. In addition, check whether his vaccination is timely. If you want to go abroad, you must go through all the formalities. Travel in some countries sometimes takes months. For example, please check with the embassy. Consider taking away all dog related documents (tattoo cards, health diaries and prescriptions, if needed). Prepare water, food and familiar items such as toys or blankets for travel. Tell your veterinarian where your vacation is and he can give you some preventive medicine. No matter how far the car travel

goes, the main word is still safe. Instead of putting your pet in the front of the car, choose a transport cage.

or, let your dog get used to driving early so that he won’t be afraid. Never start your dog’s first car trip from a long distance.

here are some tips to help your dog get familiar with cars:

Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. For more information, first let your dog park in the car. Play with him and reward him. Then he began several short trips so that he could adapt to the noise and bumpy roads. Before your dog goes on vacation, take a walk to relax his soul. This can prevent your dog from getting tired too soon on the journey just to sleep. Make sure your dog wears a necklace with his name on it and always walks around with a belt. The highway or parking lot is your dog’s stressful environment, and it may have unpredictable behavior. Never let your dog stick its head out of the window. Under the action of wind speed and wind, dust may remain on his mucous membrane, ears and nose, causing irritation. Fasten your dog

your dog should not travel without a good tie. Road prevention is formal. Even if there are no regulations on traffic regulations, it is important to know that your dog may have some unpredictable reactions during the journey (jumping on the driver and sandwiching between his legs…)

sudden braking may push your dog, hurt it and even hurt the passengers on the car. Due to the discomfort of being tied together, the road Prevention Association recommends gradually accustoming dogs to safe travel. Don’t keep your dog in the safe. The exhaust gas may poison him. Your dog may have claustrophobia.

no, you don’t have to tie your dog to the car. But this is everyone’s safety. In addition, during road inspection, PAs a preventive measure, according to article r412-6 of the road traffic law:


, the police can impose a secondary fine. Each driver must always be in good condition and be able to easily and immediately perform all necessary operations. Its range of motion and field of vision shall not be reduced by the number or location of passengers, the contents or the pasting of opaque objects on the window.

there are several ways to tie up your dog:

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a dog’s seat belt (or belt). There are some very simple modes of use that can be clamped to your car belt. They’ll make you obey the law. However, they may not have strong resistance to the impact and doubled weight of your animal. Automotive wiring harness. This is probably the most comfortable way for dogs to travel in complete safety. Suitable for your dog’s form, the seat belt brings together all the prerequisites for a peaceful journey. Your dog can also travel in a transport box or cage. Cages or crates shall be placed in the vehicle’s luggage compartment (open). It is recommended to install an isolation net between the front and rear of the vehicle.

provides you with all the keys to spend a good holiday with your loyal partner. A well prepared trip is the guarantee of a pleasant trip. So, try to give him the best travel conditions, and your dog will return him to you…

number is very useful in case of loss:

– Central Dog Association 01 49 37 54 (for tattooed dogs).

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