Dog bow

Illustration : "Le nœud papillon pour chien"

our dog has the right to do the same. Our four legged friends have all kinds of fashion accessories, and bows are one of them. Let’s take a look at its characteristics and selection criteria.


dog bow: a chic touch without having to choose too many bow patterns for its dog? Different types of dog bow patterns and colors of dog bow dog bow: what material? What do

Donald Duck, Winston Churchill, grujo Marx and Hercules bolo have in common? Everyone knows they wear bows. Kdspe

if you want to encourage manual creation, some creators are inspired by their own animals, Create a unique and unique dog bow.

before you make a choice, it is important to know the difference between dog bow and other bows, and how to choose the right product for your pet?

dog bow: Chic touch without too much

If you want to give your dog some extra style, as long as he is respected, don’t do too much and don’t make fun of him, there’s nothing wrong. Here, this is not a problem of pretending to be a partner, let alone laughing at him, but customizing their appearance with fashionable or even fashionable touch according to different models. Dog bows are made for this purpose.

like dog handkerchiefs or any other fashion products suitable for dogs, bows can be worn on various occasions. For example, in simple walks, but also in festivals, weddings, family gatherings and other ceremonies.

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is a good choice for dog bows. There are many kinds of models available in the market – pet shops and online.

different types of dog bows.

is basically a simple tie to form two symmetrical triangles on both sides of the central node. However, you don’t even have to tie it anymore, because many models have been tied and only need to be worn around the neck.


are dog bows that can be tied directly to a dog’s necklace. A two in one model composed of collar and bow is also proposed. They have a variety of seals, including clips, so that they can be easily put down and removed.

dog bow pattern and color

you can also choose in pattern and color. Uniform, two-color or multi-color, leopard print, checkered, pea, stripe or checkered pattern, Christmas atmosphere, with or without border, zebra… There are suitable for all tastes.

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dog bow: what material?

dog bow is also different due to its making materials. Cotton pattern is a good choice because of its natural characteristics. Those made of synthetic materials are easy to clean. Silk bow is light and unique. Imitation leather models are heavier, but stronger.

“Most importantly, the bow you choose will not cause discomfort to the dog or affect the dog’s health.”.

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