This bitch found sad and scabby fights to stay alive and hopes to find a new family

Denali’s transformation is spectacular and most of all heartwarming. This dog had lost much of her dress and was in terrible pain from the scabies. Today, thanks to the continuous efforts of the volunteers, she is in great shape and waiting to meet her future family.

Last May, the team of the San Antonio Humane Society ( SAHS ), in the State of Texas, discovered and took care of a young dog in very bad shape. Called Denali , the latter suffered from a severe form of sarcoptic mange, as People reported.

Sad and overwhelmed by itching, this 6 month old dog had partially lost her coat. She needed urgent care.

Volunteers quarantined her at their shelter and began treatment immediately. “ We put a little sweater on her to keep her warm in her cubicle, and lots of soft towels and blankets ” for her comfort, says Dr. Leslie Hopes , veterinarian associated with the SAHS .

Denali was given regular medicated baths for a month to help fight the parasites that cause scabies and allow her skin to heal.

Once sad, her face now shines, sporting big, happy smiles. She is overflowing with energy and joie de vivre! Continues the Humane Society of San Antonio . She specifies, in passing, that it is thanks to her new medical facilities that she was able to treat the dog so effectively.

The Texan refuge has, in fact, a new veterinary center recently, called Leeu Naylor Medical Building . It allows them to isolate dogs with contagious diseases to treat them away from their fellows, and thus prevent the spread of disease.

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Denali is now ready to start a new phase in her life. The SAHS offers her for adoption.


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