Take the dog to the Central Park

Illustration : "Emmener son chien à Center Parcs"

in 2017, the Central Park celebrated its 50th anniversary. Since 1967, the central park experience has provided you with another way of vacation. They provide an opportunity to relax with family in the wild. This is a unique decoration throughout Europe and a green space where you can enjoy your pet. Dogs are welcome in the Central Park.

executive summary

some conditions for taking dogs out of the Central Park. It is suggested that after 50 years of stay in

, the Central Park has been expanded to several European countries. France, which has six domain names, is particularly rich. You will think of Lake arlette and its small Canadian style houses, Boyce France in the center of Normandy, the Paris nature village next to Paris Disneyland, the Troy forest of Lorraine and Metz, the bruie highland of jomont, and finally the antlers of Poitiers. A total of 22 regions are distributed in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Most importantly, going to any such place will make you feel guilty. Give your dog to your friends, neighbors or family because they are allowed to enter these green places.

takes your dog to the Central Park. It is not inconvenient for

to take your dog to the Central Park. However, you must follow certain rules:

receives suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register that your email address is collected by woopets so that you can receive our news and business offers. When more information arrives, you will be asked to present a rabies certificate and a certificate of conformity with classified dogs. Check whether your dog carries electronic chips (or tattoos), European passports, vaccine updates and pest treatment. Tie your dog to the belt. This is even an obligation, because during your stay, you may meet other people who have the right to get uncomfortable with your pet. Don’t forget to give your dog cookies. Although center parks is sometimes sold, not all brand hotels have it. So you may not find the shoes on your feet. In order to avoid any digestive problems when your dog changes his diet, please consider taking appropriate measures to deal with his diet. Some suggestions for your

accommodation, if not mandatory, plastic bags may remove thorns from your feet when your dog needs outside the areas designed for him (yes, there are some in these areas). Cleaning is everyone’s business, and your sense of politeness will be appreciated.

you can also bring your dog’s toys and baskets to your suitcase to make the dog feel at home.

like to stay outside school, In order to avoid a large influx of children. This may cause your dog to be more afraid than expected, endangering the safety of other dogs.

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. Finally, if your dog is moving, please don’t hesitate to book a fenced cabin. This will prevent you from tying your dog out while hiking. In addition, there are many green spaces for you to use. It is recommended that you take your dog out more in the morning or evening, so that you can have a quiet moment and stay away from the noise that may occur in the day.

and Central Park end the guilt of leaving your dog in a third party when you have a good time! Enjoy it! “Kdspe

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