16 sublime dog portraits made by a passionate photographer, to brighten up your day

Passionate about photography and a great dog lover, a British photographer reconciles his 2 passions by making sublime canine portraits.

Pete Jones , 51, is from Liverpool . He had discovered a real passion for photography while traveling the world, then had taken to photographing his dog, a female Cairn Terrier by the name of Cassie .

From there he specialized in dog photos. Portraits of canines that he makes in his studio, on special occasions or during simple walks in the forest. The settings are beautifully elaborate and the dogs appear at their best in front of his lens, whether they strike a pose or are photographed in action.

Here are 16 sublime dog portraits, taken from his PJ Pet Photography Facebook page:

1. Betty, 5 months old, was born in a shelter after her mother was abandoned. She suffered from respiratory problems, but was looked after and pampered by the volunteers

2. Nothing beats a good swim to find fishing again

3. This adorable sibling of Labrador Retrievers also knows how to pose

4. April the English Cocker Spaniel dog and her daughter Alice are racing at the Scarisbrick Dog Walking Field, a dog park located north of Liverpool

5. This Australian Shepherd who performs his obstacle course with great ease

6. This Siberian Husky is sunbathing

7. Photographed while shaking himself

8. This bitch gives the impression that she is about to take off

9. This one flaunts its powerful horizontal trigger

10. Jerry, 11 month old French Bulldog, pictured right after bathing

11. A nice shot taken just before the wedding ceremony

12. Inseparable friends on a forest walk

13. The lovely Bella enjoying a walk in Fairy Glen Scottish Park

14. Penny the Dalmatian female posing

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15. Max, the Border Collie, pictured after one of his first dog training sessions at the age of 4 months

16. This majestic German Shepherd well deserved a medal for having achieved the perfect pose


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