Coming into the world without a nose and condemned to live only a few days, this puppy has yet blown out his second candle!

Goose is now 2 years old. A real feat for this bitch who was only given a few days to live because of a deformity.

It sometimes happens that dogs in bad shape , who were only given a tiny chance of survival , end up believing these prognoses and going up the slope in a spectacular way.

This is the case with Goose , a puppy born without much of a nose . The little dog had the nostrils in the mouth and a bilateral lip cleft at the level of the upper lip. To make matters worse, she was also missing most of her teeth , as reported by the I Love My Dog So Much site .

GooseGoosie for the intimate – was taken in by the team of Sanctuary Rescue , a refuge located in Midlothian in the State of Virginia (eastern United States). The volunteers spared no effort to help her live as long as possible. However, his state of health did not give much hope at this level. She might live a few days , a handful of weeks at most, but her short existence must be filled with happiness and love .

Weeks turned into months , however, and to everyone’s surprise Goose turned a year old . The shelter then organized a giant birthday party , in which 300 people attended.

The miraculous dog did not stop there. She recently celebrated her second birthday , as announced in this post on the Sanctuary Rescue Facebook page. Covid-19 obliges, the volunteers could not organize an event of the same scale as that of the previous year, but they still marked the blow: parade with respect for social distancing and small party broadcast live on Facebook in particular.

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Goose has not finished astonishing the world!


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