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poison his dog? Insect repellent not only protects the dog itself, but also protects the dog’s surrounding environment, because some worms parasitic in the dog’s digestive system can spread to humans. Therefore, this is an indispensable preventive and therapeutic measure.


what is insect repellent? What is the risk of infection to humans and at what rate? The

method of deworming dogs is part of the necessary care measures, such as brushing teeth, walking, feeding and veterinary examination. Insect repellent can protect his digestive system and whole body from internal parasites that may affect his health and pose a danger to the surrounding environment. Let’s take a look at the importance of insect repellent and the procedures for insect repellent on dogs.

what is insect repellent?

refers to expelling insects from animals, which is an insecticidal therapy that can remove worms developed in the digestive system.

refers to eggs, larvae or adults, These gastrointestinal parasites change the health of dogs in many ways, and puppies may be stunted by worms. Adult dogs may develop dyspepsia, manifested as vomiting, diarrhea and swelling.

in case of severe infection, animals may lose weight. That’s why it’s necessary to expel insects from dogs. It is carried out systematically as a preventive measure, but also whenever necessary.

risk of transmission to humans.

dogs are not the only dogs affected by gastrointestinal parasites in the body. Some worms may pollute humans, especially children and pregnant women.


children are indeed more vulnerable to pollution, because not all children get all health reflexes, Wash hands frequently after contact with dogs or the environment. It is through fecal residues that may contain these parasites that these parasites can be transmitted to children with dirty hands. For example, Toxoplasma canis will pollute its human host, thus promoting the development of toxoplasmosis, resulting in varying degrees of serious consequences.

in addition to the nematode of Toxoplasma canis, gastrointestinal parasites may also be flatworms or flatworms (tapeworm and trematode), such as Echinococcus and tapeworm.

how to worm his dog, at what speed?

Before expelling a dog, you should first know the frequency of expelling insects. A 2-8-month-old dog should expel insects every month, because its body usually contains gastrointestinal parasites, but it is particularly vulnerable. Then, start from age If the dog lives in the countryside, if it lives with one or more children, it’s best to do it twice a year. Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our business news and offers. Learn more about

For females planning to breed, it is recommended to conduct three repetitions before mating, 2 weeks before delivery and 5 weeks after the birth of the pup.The anthelmintic can be in the form of tablets, syringes or pipettes. Oral food is also provided. No matter what type of product you choose, you must strictly abide by the packaging instructions before effective treatment.

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tablets are usually taken at one time, and the dose depends on the weight of the dog. They can be put directly in his mouth, for example, in candy. Straw repellent is applied to the dog’s neck because the dog cannot reach this position, so there is no risk of licking the product.

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oral syringes on Amazon, usually for puppies or small dogs. In the case of severe infection, the veterinarian can choose injection. It is always up to the latter to choose which insect repellent to use

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