Dog refuses to leave mistress alone in hospital bed after saving her life

Initially, Ruby was just a simple service dog, mainly responsible for helping her mistress recover from depression. But faced with the health concerns, mainly cardiac, of the latter, the dog has become vital for her owner. To the point that she saved his life …

I wouldn’t be alive without her . Shauna Darcy is well aware of the importance of Ruby in her everyday life. A bitch who has not left her with a sole since they began to live with each other.

It was some time ago. Shauna had chosen Ruby to help her overcome her depression and agoraphobia . An assistance dog who would prove to be a real emotional and vital support on a daily basis.

Ruby didn’t just sit by Shauna’s bedside, but saved her life. “ She had noticed small changes in my heart rate. She was acting weird, patting me with her paw, trying to get my attention,Shauna recalls for The Dodo.

Ruby allowed Shauna to call 911

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A few days ago, Shauna , not feeling well, called an ambulance at Ruby’s insistence. The emergency responders arrive just in time. “ My heart was in atrial fibrillation. Shauna is taken to the hospital . During this stay, Ruby never left her owner’s bed. She didn’t want to leave her alone, even for a short time. Much to the joy of a Shauna who can only be grateful for her dog. Yes, without her, her heart would have got the better of her …


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