Everything you need to know for a quality bowl!

Illustration : "Tout ce que vous devez savoir pour une gamelle de qualité !"

Our hairballs deserve to be given all possible care to the quality of what they eat, because it is the basis for living in good health. So, how to choose? On what criteria and how to check that you offer him a quality diet every day? Decryption.”

Today, not all dog food available on the market necessarily corresponds to what his body demands. The quality of the ingredients that make up these meals is not always the main concern, while it is essential. How exactly is this food quality for dogs defined? Are we doing what it takes to assure our 4-legged friends?”

” What makes the quality of an ingredient in the dog’s diet?

More than one factor determines the quality of a dog food.”

” Natural characteristics

The first of them is the intrinsic quality of the ingredient. In other words, what it promises to bring naturally as nutrients and benefits. We are also interested in its taste characteristics. For example, not all meats are created equal. Some pieces are much more nutritious than others, providing the dog with quality protein and better flavors, making the kibble or wet recipe both palate and actually good for his health.”

The finding is the same with regard to the other ingredients of dog food. Vegetables, fruits or oils (vegetable, fish…) are selected for their natural richness in nutrients and, overall, the benefits they can offer.”

Added flours, dehydrated ingredients, cereals and other implementations often put into traditional industrial food for our dogs are not only the opposite of what they need, but are also likely to affect their well-being.”


The quality of an ingredient also depends on its freshness. It is well known that the more time passes after its collection, the more a food loses its nutritional characteristics. To slow down this process, preservation processes are used, but they have an impact on taste and texture in particular.”

Favouring short supply chains allows, conversely, to better preserve the freshness of food, among other alternatives that do not use artificial techniques or substances.”

” The preparation and manufacture

The method of preparation of food, the processing of ingredients during the manufacturing phase, as well as its packaging also count in the quality of the food offered to the dog.”

” Where to find a dog food where the quality of the ingredients is assured?

It is not always easy to find the right food, those that meet all the quality requirements seen above and that are truly at the service of the health of the dog.”

Among the brands that place the freshness and quality of ingredients at the top of their priorities, Edgard & Cooper stands out for its way of looking at dog and cat nutrition differently. At Woopets, she caught our attention in this capacity, and we are happy to advise you. Whether it is croquettes or wet meals, Edgard & Cooper uses in its recipes only fresh meat, from animals (lamb, beef, chicken, turkey …) treated in optimal conditions: outdoor breeding, grass fed, etc. Added flour and bones are excluded.”

The vegetables and fruits used in the composition of Edgard & Cooper recipes are selected with great care, so as to ensure the best possible intake of vitamins, mineralsaux, antioxidants and fiber. The same goes for tubers, chosen as sources of carbohydrates instead of cereals present elsewhere and which are not in line with the natural needs of the dog.”

The brand also makes it a point of honor to apply slow and low temperature cooking of food, in order to preserve both nutritional and taste properties. For the rest, she then trusts the dog with his sense of taste and smell to know what is good!”

This is also what this nice TV spot by Edgard & Cooper evokes:

In addition, so that the quality is at the rendezvous until the end, Edgard & Cooper uses refrigerated trucks for the transport of ingredients, while favoring short circuits.”

When a brand gives so much importance to the quality of its products, we at Woopets are delighted to give it all our trust and talk about it knowingly, since our dogs have tested and approved its products.”

Edgard & Cooper kibble, boxes, trays, sticks and other dog and cat treats can be found on the Edgard & Cooper brand website, as well as in stores near you.”

The quality of Edgard & Cooper dog and cat food is also expressed in the choice of packaging. A policy that aims to protect the benefits of recipes at the same time as preserving the environment: biodegradable bags of plant origin for kibble, boxes and trays made of recyclable metal for wet food.”

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Finally, we let you (re)discover the nice TV spot of Edgard & Cooper:

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