Dog communication

Illustration : "Les moyens de communication du chien"

understanding the dog’s communication mode is very important for better understanding the dog and communicating with the dog.


dog’s gesture communication, dog’s voice and sound communication, dog’s olfactory communication mode

In fact, the quality of the relationship between dogs and their owners largely depends on their mutual understanding. When a dog sees that its owner has provided it with everything it needs: attention, care and food…

, what are the different ways of communication for dogs? Let’s see.

dog gesture communication

is not good at talking, so the dog uses its body to convey information to the interlocutor. It is body language.

its overall posture tells us its mental state; A completely relaxed body reflects the tranquility of animals.

– position: if the dog is supine, this is usually a sign of submission to peers. In the face of the host, also invite him to touch his stomach. When the back is raised and the front of the body is almost flat, this is a game invitation.

– tail: usually the dog wags its tail when happy, especially when the heartbeat is fast and / or the amplitude is large. On the other hand, if the action moves back and forth, it is that he is ready for confrontation. If the tail is horizontal and the ears are upright, it is because the dog is very careful.

– ears: dogs turn them over when they are afraid. In fact, his whole body showed this fear, especially the tail between his hind legs and below his abdomen. It is worth noting that in some cases, fear can lead to dog bites, especially when the dog is trapped. There is no choice but to fight back and end what it considers dangerous.

– mouth: when the dog licks its teeth and baby madly, This may be a sign of tension and discomfort with a situation or individual (peers or non peers). Opening your mouth a little is usually a sign of relaxation.

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– eyes: a dog with one eye running away expresses its desire to obey and even escape. The fact that he is staring at someone or something means different meanings according to the situation; If he is relaxed with his master, it is because they have a great conspiracy. If he is stiff when doing this, it is because he is hostile to the dog or any other person he faces.

dog voice and voice communication

voice is another way for dogs to communicate. There are several types of barking.

– barking: they can be happy and excited (when the dog sees the owner or knows he is going out), and the most common is barking – warning (intruder, danger…) or need (hungry, want to go out…).

However, some dogs are very quiet. Basenji is like this. Its voice is more like giggling.

– moaning and crying: they express the dog’s pain, discomfort or worry.

– roaring: they are the most obvious manifestation of the dog’s dissatisfaction or distrust. Coupled with frantic licking of their mouths (as described above) and stiff postures, they may herald an impending attackIf the dislike of dogs continues,


– howling: they mainly appear in traction dogs (Alaskan malamut, Siberian Husky, Samoyed, etc.). They are usually used to communicate and report with other dogs. Sometimes they yell at certain types of voices; It can be seen from the video that husky will scream when the owner sings.

dog’s olfactory communication mode

dog’s communication mode is also olfactory. Our four legged companion is very sensitive to smell. It can not only express itself, but also perceive the information of others.

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the pheromones sent by dogs provide valuable information for their peers in various situations. For example, in hot weather,


odor signals are transmitted in different ways (urine, feces, saliva, etc.) to mark their territory and indicate their presence or passage. We can note that most dominant males keep their tails horizontal so that they can emit more smell through the anal glands. “

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