Aware of the ordeal his brother has just gone through, this dog does everything possible to comfort him!

Roman the dog is not in great shape and needs to have an operation. His fellow man and friend Spanky understood this and did what he could to bring him comfort. One scene in particular, filmed using the home’s CCTV system, shows how sensitive Spanky is to his suffering.

In early June 2020, one of Roman’s ears was starting to swell. His mistress took him to the vet , who discovered he was suffering from an othematoma , a hematoma forming in the pinna of the ear. This kind of injury occurs after intense shock or scratching , giving rise to a blood pocket under the skin .

Source of discomfort and pain for Roman , the latter had to wait several more days before being operated on and relieved. In the meantime, he was in more and more pain. Spanky realized that his friend needed support and he became even gentler on him.

Recently, while Jackie Rogers was at work, she was reviewing CCTV footage of the house to make sure all was well with Roman and Spanky . It was there that she witnessed a scene full of tenderness .

Roman was in bed and Spanky stood up. He went to get the large basket that was right next to it and brought it closer to his brother , making him understand that it was for him. Then both of them settled there, huddled against each other .

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It was his way of showing him that he loves him and that he takes care of him .


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