Exemplary mobilization for this septuagenarian and her 2 dogs who live in a car

In a precarious situation, Annie was the subject of a report broadcast last week by one of the regional branches of France 3. She lived in her car with her 2 dogs and had difficulty protecting them from the cold. Unfortunately, one of the latter has died in the meantime.

To count only on her 850 euros of retirement to live decently would obviously be illusory for Annie . This 74-year-old lady, who had worked in humanitarian aid in Madagascar, benefits from aid from associations , in particular Hope and Dedication , without which it would be impossible for her not to sink. But more than herself, it is the fate of her 2 old dogs Klint and Poupette that concerns her, as reported by France 3 Bourgogne-Franche-Comté in a report published on December 12.

The cold nights were particularly difficult for this trio, who had no other shelter than Annie’s car . The latter had, in fact, had to leave her apartment in Dole (39) following neighborhood problems .

Unfortunately, 2 days after filming the report, one of her 2 dogs died due to the cold . A terrible loss that the wave of solidarity aroused by its history has come to mitigate a little.

Indeed, while she was being interviewed by the France 3 team , the staff of a clothing store offered her warm clothes , food and kibble for her dogs. Later, many people offered their help in various forms. Even better, an inhabitant of the Pays de Montbéliard , in the Doubs, offered her temporary accommodation for her and her dog, while waiting for a lasting solution to be found.

Here is the phone at his disposal if you want to help him too:

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