How to feed dogs with natural hinges?

Illustration : "Comment nourrir son chien avec le Natural Rearing ?"

returned to a feeding mode closer to the dog. This is Juliette de bairacli levy (1912-2009) proposed to conceptualize the “natural cultivation” of diet. In fact, it provides a complete lifestyle for our four legged companions. The food part is just one of them. Exercise, fresh air and nature care are also the basis of natural recovery. However, how can these principles be applied in daily life and practice?

executive summary

natural reproduction: feeding dogs with natural reproduction: overview of raw meat and bone dairy products, eggs and oil (fish and plants) Cereals, vegetables and fruits

Without the minimum knowledge and guidance, the implementation of natural pruning as a dog’s diet is very obvious. Therefore, before you start, you need to know some basic knowledge. The most important thing to remember is that any dietary changes must be made in a gradual manner to adapt your dog’s body to it.

natural recovery: remind

dog owners, herbalists and other experts in holistic care in a few words, Juliette de bairacli levy put forward the concept of natural pruning, which is a method to return to the source of dog feed.

focuses on raw meat and bones in natural pruning, but also includes vegetables, fruits, herbs, cereals (cooked or soaked), vegetable oil, Fish oil, eggs and dairy products.

feeds dogs with natural hinges: in order for natural hinges to be truly beneficial, they must be organized. The purpose is to set aside enough time every day to prepare ration rations. This is also to ensure that the dog’s food is fresh and high-quality.

raw meat and bone

is mainly raw meat, which provides energy and animal protein for the dog’s body. Together with bones (wrapped in meat), it accounts for about 75% of the daily diet of animals.


what kind of meat do you choose? You can choose rabbit, poultry, mutton or beef. You can also choose hips, brain (especially sheep’s brain), viscera and viscera.

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dairy products, which are also an essential part of a naturally growing diet. But not any one; We prefer sheep’s milk. Due to the presence of lactose, dogs are much less tolerant to milk dairy products.

cheese hut is one of the dairy products provided to dogs as part of natural breeding.

eggs and oil (from fish and plants)

eggs, Vegetable oil and fish oil are sources of fat for dogs. These foods are a source of “good fat” or omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, which, among other things, contribute to cardiovascular health in canines.

we will choose fatty fish oil, such as salmon, mackerel, herring or sardines. Rapeseed oil, soybean, evening primrose or chicory oil will be preferred. Both fish oil and vegetable oil should be eaten raw because they are very fragile and will oxidize at high temperature.Smells like a dog’s natural pruning food. However, it must be noted that they account for no more than 15% of the daily ration.


also read that the advantages and disadvantages of natural pruning


are that they provide vitamins and minerals, but only for dogs. This includes barley in the form of flour and corn pre sliced or soaked in vegetable oil. We also recommend rye pies, whole rice and oatmeal.

vegetables and fruits

vegetables and fruits provide intake of vitamins, carbohydrates and fiber.


dogs can eat cooked mung beans, carrots, chewing or sesame (mixed), Baked sweet potato or apple.

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