Helped by his neighbor’s chihuahua in the midst of a depression, he discovered a passion for them!

Bobby was more of the type to prefer large dogs, having a rather large build himself. But life has made him gradually become passionate about small quadrupeds, and especially those of the Chihuahua breed. One of them even helped him out of depression.

The story I Heart Dogs tells us is edifying in more than one way. It is that of Bobby Humphrey s, a man with a bodybuilt physique who swears by dogs resembling him. In other words, imposing . He had a very special passion for the Rottweiler .

By his own admission, he even made fun of his friends who owned small dogs . But things started to change when he experienced a tragedy; after 17 years of marriage, Bobby divorced . An episode that plunged him into a deep depression , to the point of thinking about ending his life at times. Only one person was there to help her through this difficult time: her best friend Connie .

One day, the latter asked him for a favor in turn. She had to move and could not keep her dog , a Chihuahua named Lady . Not only did this not match Bobby’s canine tastes at all, but it was also very complicated to manage . Hyper protective of Connie and her son, Lady was aggressive towards everyone, especially men.

Bobby himself had only bad memories of his encounters with the 3 kg little dog. But he couldn’t say no to his best friend who had asked him to take care of it, until she found a solution to get her back.

Connie therefore dropped Lady off at Bobby’s while the latter was at work. When he got home, he thought to himself that he would run the risk of being bitten when he tried to approach her, but the sequence of events pleasantly surprised him , just as it surprised Connie . That same evening, she stopped by Bobby’s to see how things were going and that’s how she saw Lady lying quietly on Bobby’s lap, as if they had always been friends

The man still did not understand how this tiny bitch with a bad temper had come to accept him and even trust him . He did not know either that she was going to play a key role in his way out of the crisis . Indeed, the following days and weeks, Lady brought him so much comfort on a daily basis that he finally saw the end of the tunnel . His dark thoughts, without disappearing completely, had less and less hold on him.

However, the man did not want to stop there. His love for Chihuahuas grew stronger as he became interested in representatives of the breed who encountered difficulties : illness, disability, unwanted birth, behavioral problems …

Thus Harley, Quinny, Lucy, Chi Chi, Georgia, Nugget and dozens of others were either adopted or welcomed by Bobby before finding new families, while their chances of finding a buyer were minimal.

Bobby even started his own organization : Big Guy Littles World Sanctuary .

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Who would’ve believed that ? The man who disliked small dogs was rescued by a Chihuahua and in turn became the savior of these doggies …


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