The endangered Sarail: breeders powerless in the face of the disappearance of the Bangladeshi hunting dog

A dog breed threatened with extinction, the Bangladeshi Sarail now has only a handful of representatives. Passionate people try to perpetuate the traditional breeding of this outstanding hunting dog, but the lack of means makes their mission particularly difficult.

Formerly very present in its country of origin of Bangladesh, Sarail’s hunting dog is increasingly rare now, as Le Point reminds us.

Breeder for 2 decades, Kaiser Tamiz Amin estimates that today there are only 30 to 40 dogs of this breed left. This banker established in Dhaka , capital of this border state of India and Burma, strives to preserve its purity by benefiting from a small government aid, but not all Sarails owners have the same means. .

Cited in the Point article and interviewed by the AFP , Joton and Topon Rabidas , 2 shoemaker brothers aged 40 and 38 respectively, are the masters of as many male Sarail hunting dogs. Their low income from artisans does not allow them to meet their needs. They are then forced to mate their canids with females of other breeds in order to sell the puppies and thus obtain enough to feed their companions.

Poverty , affecting a large part of this country of 161 million inhabitants, is therefore one of the main causes of the scarcity of these dogs, which do not however lack qualities .

The Sarail, named after its region of origin , is a robust , athletic dog who excels in various fields, starting with hunting . It has also long been employed by law enforcement and armed forces . Loyal , he is also a popular watch and family dog. It can be recognized in particular by its elongated muzzle , pointy ears , black and white dress, as well as the white tip of its tail .

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