18 funny photos of dogs with green paws

Some dogs show a great interest in nature and gardening. Like the ones we can see in these photos.

Our friends the dogs sometimes turn out to be passionate about greenery and botany. Some love gardening, watering plants and mowing lawns, while others tend to flowers or the vegetable garden. In their own way, of course. Either way, they have our full support and admiration.

Here are 19 photos of dogs with green paws.

1. A Shetland Shepherd who handles the wheelbarrow well

2. An adorable puppy smelling the sweet smell of flowers

3. Exotic fruits fascinate him, with their strange shapes and vibrant colors

4. The dog has redone the grandparents’ garden and awaits his thanks.

5. A Chihuahua in perfect communion with nature

6. A young English Cocker Spaniel with a black coat and eyes sparkling with joy

7. For this Jack Russell Terrier, daily rounds of inspection of the garden are an immutable ritual.

8. Just like his fellow creature, who performs his own on board a wheelbarrow

9. An adorable Parson Russell Terrier ready to start labor

10. A Golden Retriever perfectly in his element

11. Sundays of this English Cocker Spaniel are reserved for gardening

12. He decided to change the jars of places

13. This Belgian Malinois crossbreed is a great gardener

14. A good day is a day spent digging the earth.

15. This Bichon Maltese knows how to keep his garden properly

16. The Kelpies have a say in the environment too

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17. A Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen at work

18. He does not yet understand what to do, but he wants to learn.


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