In order not to miss his parents too much, he stages his dog and sends the video to his parents

The teenager took advantage of his parents’ absence to make a home-made short film. A comedy in which we see him having a good time with the household puppy, Oscar . A pampered, pampered Oscar who could eat on a chair and even watch a movie. Impossible, for him, to be happier. And he owes it only to his young master.

Most of the time, when a teenager is lucky enough to enjoy the absence of his parents for several days, he organizes parties at his house with a few friends. When it’s not a nice party that quickly becomes unmanageable . Not Garrett Johnson .

A dog’s life, a human’s life

The young man saw his parents take off on a cruise . For a week, he was on his own . Rest assured, he was not alone, however . A man named Oscar made him feel his presence and allowed him to spend a week of relaxation in his company . Their relationship was only strengthened. It’s hard to say the opposite by looking at these images …

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