A couple discovers and saves a dog with broken legs, wandering he lived in a ditch by the side of the road!

Natalia and her husband weren’t just going to rescue the dog they had found on a bike ride. They went much further than that.

Lukasz Muniowski and his wife Natalia were cycling through the countryside in Poland, when they spotted something on the side of the road. It was a dog that was in the ditch along the road. They stopped to see him, but the animal fled to hide in the rainwater drainage pipe, reports The Dodo .

What struck the couple was this strange way of running that the canine had; it moved by lifting its hind legs , which hardly touched the ground. It was clear he was in an accident and needed help .

Lukasz and Natalia were determined to save him . The man began to dig while his wife watched the entrance to the conduit. He ran his hand through it to allow the dog to sniff it , which he did after a few growls . He ended up putting his paw on it. The couple were thus able to recover the dog, which was in fact a bitch . They called her Bobby .

They brought her back to town to have her checked out by a vet . The latter concluded that one of his hind legs had to be amputated , while the other, although battered, could be operated on . Nevertheless, he considered that the intervention would be too risky for the dog. The couple then decided to see another veterinarian at their home in Warsaw . The latter agreed to carry out the operation , which went perfectly. He then put a kind of orthosis on her .

Natalia and Lukasz decided to adopt him . They thought she was not going to be able to run anymore because of her injuries. They even saw her move her paws in her sleep , as if frolicking. A heartbreaking vision for the couple. Bobby was going to reserve a nice surprise for them, however .

One evening, during a short walk, she began to pull on her leash . They then accelerated the pace to follow the pace she wanted, then all 3 started to run . Bobby has never looked happier .

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The dog now lives with them in an apartment on the 3rd floor. In addition to running, she climbs the stairs very easily , as if nothing had happened. The rest of the time, she plays with Leon , the couple’s other dog that the latter had also taken from the street.


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