15 dogs who do anything to make you fall in love

Dogs will stop at nothing to show us their adorable character. These photos are proof of that.

Our friends the dogs are touching creatures. They love to be pampered and loved. They do not hesitate to deploy their entire arsenal to demonstrate their crisp nature.

Here are 15 photos of totally cute dogs.

1. This dog gives his master a warm welcome every day to encourage him to come home earlier.

2. The smile of this Pitbull dog as well as his joy are completely contagious.

3. A Corgi puppy that invites you to enjoy life and green grass

4. A German Shepherd puppy recently grew in the bushes

5. This Golden Retriever puppy always brings his friend the plush giraffe to sleep

6. The great generosity shown by this brave dog by accepting the newly adopted kitten

7. This Bernese Mountain Dog has a lot of class in his car

8. This Rottweiler and this Australian Shepherd know how to soften the heart of their master and claim their cookies.

9. He spends his time watching over the little angel who has just come into the world.

10. He will never let his friend down, no matter how difficult the situation.

11. So big and yet so cozy

12. At this age, sleep still takes them by surprise

13. Even at a somewhat advanced age, it is possible for a dog to fall asleep while the kibble is being served.

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14. An animal of great beauty and endowed with great gentleness

15. This dog saved the life of his diabetic friend by running to tell his mother that her child was having a seizure


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