A policeman guided by his instincts saves a dog stuck on the floor of a burning house! (Video)

Travis Sodon, a New Jersey police officer, will soon receive a medal for the rescue of 2 dogs he carried out last August in a house engulfed in flames. New images show his heroic intervention.

A fire broke out in a house in Atlantic Highlands , New Jersey, on August 16. A video of the courageous intervention of a police officer who rescued 2 dogs was recently posted on the local law enforcement Facebook page. Images recorded via the pedestrian camera of the police officer in question, as reported by Fox 29 Philadelphia .

Smoke was erupting from the windows of the home in question and the fire alarm was sounding there, when Officer Travis Sodon arrived on the scene. Quickly assessing the situation, he learned that everyone had left the house, except for the 2 family dogs. The first, a Poodle , was on the upstairs balcony , while the second was at the back of the house.

Travis Sodon found a piece of scaffolding on site. With the help of his colleague, Sergeant Brian Phair , he was able to place him on the porch. He then used it and climbed onto a chair to access the balcony , where he grabbed canine by the collar before handing it over to someone helping him, probably a neighbor .

Atlantic Highlands police said the other dog was also rescued . The 2 animals are safe and sound .

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Police chief David Rossbach said Travis Sodon will receive a military medal , in this case the Meritorious Service Medal , for his act of bravery in saving the lives of the dogs.


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