Helped by her German Shepherd, this young girl understood how to bypass parental authority with disconcerting ease! (Video)

A little Chinese schoolgirl decided to watch TV instead of doing her homework. Her father was about to find out, but she was able to count on a rather special accomplice.

In China, a surveillance camera installed in the living room of a house captured a scene both funny and showing the complicity that can be established between a dog and its master , especially when it is a child. .

In the video in question, published on August 31 on the YouTube platform by the local media People’s Daily , we first see a little girl sitting quietly in front of the television , watching her favorite program. She is accompanied by the family dog, a German Shepherd wearing what appears to be a football shirt.

The little girl is, in fact, supposed to do her homework instead of watching TV. Since her father is not there , she takes advantage of the situation. But the latter is back home. The dog noticed this and, while lying at the foot of the television, abruptly stood up and pointed to the coffee table , where the child’s school belongings are located, putting the table down on it. paw.

This is how the girl understood that her improvised little recess had just ended and that she had to do her homework as agreed, reports the Incredible website.

The video quickly went viral , garnering nearly 29,000 views to date. You can find it below:

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