A dog rescued, 30 hours after being stuck in a pipe using a backhoe loader!

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The owner of Muscat, a hunting dog, had to use a backhoe loader to retrieve it. The quadruped had found himself trapped in a narrow disused pipe while chasing a fox.

Sébastien and his dog Muscat are reunited again after being deprived of each other for 30 long hours , as reported by France 3 Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes .

It all started on Saturday September 28th. That day, Sébastien and his 3-year-old Basset des Alpes were on a hunting trip near Saint-Savin , commune of Isère. The canine then set off in pursuit of a fox . Carried by his enthusiasm, Muscat was far from suspecting that he was heading straight for a trap ; a narrow and disused pipeline . Once inside, he couldn’t get out

His master had lost sight of him. He spent the whole day looking for it, but without success. It was only by concentrating his research on the said pipe that he ended up locating his hunting companion.

However, it was impossible for him to clear a passage for the animal without heavy equipment. Sébastien therefore turned to a local company which agreed to entrust him with a backhoe loader . The man had to dig in 3 different places to finally recover Muscat safe and sound . The Facebook video below shows the ultimate efforts of Sébastien and 2 other people participating in the rescue , as well as the exit of the Basset des Alpes.

At home, the hunting dog resumed his life as normally as possible, as if nothing had happened .

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