Alerted by tears, he saves a stray dog about to give birth in a forest

A Serbian volunteer discovered and took care of a stray dog who was about to give birth and who was in great pain, hidden in the bushes. His intervention took place just in time.

The shelter Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac is less than 50 km south of Belgrade, capital of Serbia. At the time of this story reported by Animal Channel , it was already home to more than 300 dogs and several cats .

The person in charge of this reception structure had been informed that a dog was hiding in the undergrowth , on the edge of a forest, and that he was uttering cries of pain . He immediately went to the scene and started looking for the animal. He did hear moans , which guided him towards the canine. This one was actually a bitch . The latter was pregnant and in terrible pain.

A quick glance from this experienced man made him realize that childbirth could happen at any moment . He also found that she had multiple scars. Despite everything, she did not display any form of aggression , on the contrary. She let herself be carried away by the volunteer without posing a problem.

He took her to his shelter in Mladenovac , where he put her in a quiet place , away from other dogs, to allow her to give birth in good conditions .

The next morning, she gave birth to 8 adorable , healthy puppies. The bitch took care of it perfectly, letting her maternal instinct be fully expressed.

Weeks later, the puppies have grown up well. They were vaccinated and sterilized , then adopted .

Here is the rescue in video :

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