Urinary diseases in dogs

Illustration : "Les troubles urinaires chez le chien"

childhood, old age, trauma and diseases can lead to various urinary diseases in dogs.


chronic renal failure and elderly acute urinary incontinence emotional urinary incontinence

The main function of the kidney is to filter the waste and toxins accumulated in the body and then excrete them through the urine. Therefore, renal dysfunction will affect the dog’s urinary system. Urinary diseases may come from there, but not only that. In addition to advanced diseases, these problems can be solved and animals can be cured. In other cases, it is a problem of adjusting the environment and improving daily life to minimize the impact of disease. The kidneys may see a decline in their performance, so their role as natural filters is less obvious. Therefore, the amount of toxins in the blood, because they cannot be filtered by the defective kidney, can cause various symptoms. These depend on the acute or chronic nature of the renal failure that occurs.

gets suggestions from woopets by registering for the newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets so that you can receive our news and business offers. Learn more about acute renal failure: it is usually characterized by extreme fatigue, loss of appetite, pain in urination, diarrhea, vomiting or bad breath. These are not disease-specific symptoms and are therefore less obvious. This form of renal failure occurs suddenly, but it can be effectively treated if treated early. Therefore, if the dog is taken to the veterinarian quickly, it is not irreversible. Experts will examine the animals and try to determine the exact cause of acute renal failure. It may be dehydration, infection, poisoning, parasitic diseases and even stones. Experts will provide appropriate treatment. Chronic renal failure: here, the consequences are irreversible. Chronic renal failure is related to the gradual destruction of the kidney, and the damaged part cannot heal. When typical symptoms (thirst, frequent urination, vomiting, diarrhea, anemia, etc.) occur, it is often too late. This severe renal failure can be caused by many factors, such as congenital malformation or renal cancer. The veterinarian will provide an appropriate diet, including reducing protein and phosphorus intake, and take measures to promote the dog’s body fluid supplement. Urinary incontinence in elderly dogs is the same as that in humans. This animal may have received a good cleaning education all its life, but as it grows older, it will lose control. With the increase of age, the function of urinary system decreases, and micturition control becomes more and more difficult, especially when the current health problems of prostate, bladder or nervous system are related to micturition. One solution is to keep diapers or diapers at home. They come in many sizes and can adapt to all kinds of dogs.


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emotional urinary incontinence

emotional urinary incontinence, as the name suggests, corresponds to cleaning accidentsEmotion. When the dog is excited or afraid (in the car, at the veterinarian, etc.), it can’t control its urination, which is not considered abnormal. On the other hand, keep a close watch on adult dogs. Through veterinarians and ultimately behaviorists, we can accurately determine the cause of the problem (phobia, ADHD, etc.) and provide appropriate treatment

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