Labrador rushed to vet after drinking hot tub water

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Sometimes it only takes a few seconds of inattention for a dog to be the victim of an incident. In Glasgow, Scotland, Cooper had to be rushed to a veterinary clinic after swallowing foam from a hot tub.”

The one-year-old Labrador Retriever caused a great much scare to its owner, Joanne McGovern. She noticed that her dog seemed to be out of breath when he got home. When she went out into the garden and saw the wet steps of the jacuzzi, she understood that Cooper had been drinking water while it contained chemicals.”

It was so scary. We immediately phoned Vets Now, and they said to put him in the car and bring him back as soon as possible,” the Scot told Glasgowlive. I cried all the way and kept talking to him to make sure he was always with us.”

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The importance of monitoring your dog

Once arriving at the vet with her 4-legged companion, Joanne McGovern gave the staff the names of the cleaning products used for the hot tub, such as chlorine. These substances could have been fatal for the animal…

Fortunately, he had no ulceration in the mouth, nose or eyes, said the owner. Medication was prescribed to treat him. He was kept under observation for a few hours before he could return home. Since that incident, Labrador has fully recovered, much to the relief of Joanne McGovern.”

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We’ve always been very careful with the hot tub, but Cooper has never shown any interest in getting close to it, she said. It happened so fast. I would never have left my little girls unattended near the hot tub and you really need to be as careful with dogs as you are with children,” she added to other pet owners.

Nicole Laws, the practitioner who took care of Cooper, also advised keeping dogs away from spas and covering them when not in use. Without monitoring and precautions, an accident can quickly occur.”

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