Irish Setter undergoes emergency surgery after being badly injured by another dog

While walking his leashed dog, a man saw another dog run into her and bite her hard on the neck. Long minutes of horror that could have cost the life of her 4-legged friend, who was operated on urgently.

Holly could not have survived the terrible attack she suffered from a fellow man on Sunday June 6th. In addition to her injury, this 3 year old female Irish Red Setter has also suffered emotionally since this episode reported by Daily Record.

That day, around 5:30 p.m., she was being walked by her owner Brian Ross , 61, and Deborah , his partner. They walked along the football fields not far from their homes in Aberdeen , Scotland.

Daily Record

The couple had noticed a few dogs on their left and therefore decided to go to the other side to prevent any unpleasant surprises. Holly was kept on a leash as always, but she could get restless from time to time. Brian and Deborah had no idea that in trying to avoid the little pack, they were heading straight for a very real danger for their dog.

An off-leash fellow, described by Holly ‘s handlers as a Staffordshire Bull Terrier type, appeared out of nowhere and rushed at her to bite her neck. Brian tried to get her to loosen her jaw, but her attempts were unsuccessful as the poor dog bleed and howled in pain.

It was only when the Staffie’s mistress arrived that the Staffie let go. The young woman seemed worried at first, but she changed her attitude when the 60-year-old told her he was going to call the police. She and a man who accompanied her then preferred to go away with the dog, fleeing his responsibilities.

Brian Ross took Holly to the nearest vet clinic, where she underwent emergency surgery. She continues to recover at home.

Daily Record

The man is still in shock and is very worried about his dog, who is not quite the same since the assault, according to him. “ Holly is part of the family and she is very sweet. She may survive the attack, but how will she feel when she meets other dogs? He asks himself.

Local police have opened an investigation and are trying to identify the owner of the biting dog.


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