Heroic puppy tries to wake his family up in the middle of the night to save them from a fire

In Malaysia, a dog rescued her 5 family members by waking them up after a fire broke out in their home. The animal has been hailed as a hero by the local community and the media.

Anandaveli only 8 months but this young bitch has already signaled by his bravery in saving his family, as reported Bored Panda this July 1.

Terence Naidu / Facebook

The incident had taken place a week earlier in Teluk Intan , in Perak State in Malaysia. That morning, around 5 am, the 5 members of Anandaveli’s family were asleep; Vimala the mother, her husband N. Marimuthu and their 3 children.

The bitch was standing and alert. She suddenly became very agitated. And for good reason ! A fire had broken out in the house. Anandaveli then jumped on Vimala , 53, and began to nibble her face and ears and pull her by her pajamas. Finding that she still wasn’t waking up, Anandaveli pulled her by the hair.

Terence Naidu / Facebook

The mother of the family was finally drawn to sleep, but she did not immediately understand what was going on. She thought her dog was thirsty. As she got up, she realized that the central room of the house, where the altar where they say their prayers is located, was on fire. She was quick to wake everyone up.

The youngest son helped the partially paralyzed 58-year-old father out. All members were able to vacate the premises on time. The house was burnt to the ground.

Masters grateful to their dog heroine

Safe and sound, the masters of Anandaveli are grateful to the latter for having alerted them to the danger that awaited them. She also escaped unscathed, suffering only very minor burns for which she was treated.

Terence Naidu / Facebook

Vimala is extremely proud of her dog, whom she bottle-fed when she was still a tiny and vulnerable puppy. She says, in fact, that Anandaveli was very weak when she was born and that she almost did not survive.

Terence Naidu , a local politician, provided provisions and financial assistance to the affected family. He also made it easier for her to obtain temporary housing and opened a kitty to raise funds to rebuild the house. Separately, the incident allowed Naidu and Vimala to discover that they were classmates 40 years earlier.

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Terence Naidu / Facebook


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