Separated for more than three years, this dog sings of joy when he finds his owner deeply touched since his escape (Video)

It is never easy to live with the disappearance of your dog, but you should never give up hope of finding him one day. Mike had never stopped looking for his 4-legged friend Jack and, even though his absence broke his heart, he still hoped to see him again.

Three years passed between Jack’s departure, until one day Mike received a call from a veterinary clinic located hours away from his home. On the other end of the line, he was told that a dog named Jack had just been found and that it was probably his, reports I Love My Dog So Much . To be sure, Mike was asked to name the animal’s distinguishing marks. He told them that his dog had a small brown mark above one eye and that one of the claws on his front paws was completely black. It was really Jack !

The canine was discovered 800 km from the house. Mike hit the road as soon as he could and left to find his lifelong companion. As soon as Jack saw him he recognized him and started wagging his tail .

The video below, posted on YouTube by USA Today , shows the moving reunion :

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