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your resort does not accept dogs on weekends or holidays? In your misfortune, you can’t find relatives to look after your dog while you’re away? Fortunately, animal services are booming and the care provided is becoming more and more diversified…


preventive measures that should be taken before letting dogs receive different care services 1. Kennel 2. Pets sitting at home 3. Activity 4. Personal or professional home care 5. Kdsps dog hotel when you are away, you will want your pet to be loved, especially safe. Whether it’s days or weeks, you can choose from one of the existing hosting solutions: pension, pet sitting… All these will not make your dog suffer the trauma of separation.

precautions to be taken before you start to let your dog

. Before you start to let your dog

, consider checking whether all its vaccines are up-to-date and smelly, but also treat internal and external parasites.

Before making a reservation, take a moment to see where you are considering keeping a dog and what your partner is waiting for. This has given you a good indication of whether you can trust employees and facilities…

different dog care services 1. Kdsps dog farm dog farm is one of the most frequently chosen nursing solutions for dog owners. Please go to the site at any time. You can not only see the quality of the site, but also talk to the person in charge of the site. Ask about your dog’s space, number of animals, activities, walking, etc. Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more 2. In this case, dog sitting is a great advantage for you because it is convenient and more pleasant. In addition, your dog will not be untied and should keep all the clues as it stays at home. One or more dog cushions for your partner. Take him out, feed him, and play with him. You don’t have to drive her to boarding school. Sometimes it’s far from your home! This is a considerable time saving… On the other hand, pet sitting is a very regulated activity. There is a watchdog of

activities. Do you want to connect useful with pleasant? Some professionals may come to take care of your dog and take him out to exercise for a few hours. In fact, this is another form of dog sitting performance. From simple walking to running, to education or dog sports (flying ball, dog plate, agility).

4. Here, your dog will be welcomed in the home of the person you choose. Generally speaking, it’s about dogs sitting at home taking care of animals, or just people around you agreeing to welcome your friends. They can also go to your house several times a day, give him food, change his water tank, take a walk, etc. the advantage is that you give your accommodation to someone you know and trust. Please also read: take a dog to the seaside

5. Kdsps dog hotel do you want your gas to be extravaganthigh-end. These structures are designed for you and your beloved animals. In the project of dog hotel: single room with game area and various services, such as massage, sports outing, treadmill, dog education class… This type of organization has never lacked imagination in providing unusual services. But luxury clearly comes at a price. This is much higher than the traditional pension. “

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Feed the dog

in order to keep the dog healthy, diet is essential. Like all creatures, dogs should not be fed. You need to follow some rules, monitor

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