Tesla reviews its Dog Mode system, dedicated to dogs left in cars

Responding quickly to the alert issued by a Dog Mode user, electric car maker Tesla announced that a fix was being implemented. The reported problem concerns the air conditioning controlled automatically by this system supposed to protect dogs left in vehicles.

Tesla , the electric car brand co-founded by Elon Musk , has been particularly responsive to its Dog Mode system. It was first of all by agreeing to embark on this project suggested by a user that the builder based in Palo Alto (California) showed receptivity.

The driver in question, owner of a Tesla Model 3 , had indeed asked Elon Musk via Twitter to develop a system to protect dogs briefly locked in the cars of their masters (for shopping, for example) against the blows of heat . A bad habit that some owners have and which unfortunately costs the lives of too many canines each year. He had launched the idea of a device to regulate the temperature of the cabin while informing passers-by that the animal inside was not in danger . The goal is both to preserve the health of the quadruped and to prevent a person from breaking the window while trying to save it.

The famous American entrepreneur of South African origin responded favorably on October 20, 2018. 4 months later, still via Twitter, he officially announced that Dog Mode was ready . Here is the short video presenting this system:

The Dog Mode is therefore responsible for adjusting the temperature inside the car so that the dog or dogs there, in the absence of the driver, do not suffer from the heat . At the same time, it displays a message on the screen for passers-by. The text indicates the cabin temperature, informs them that the motorist will be back soon and that the dog is safe . Shortly after the announcement, internet users suggested improvements , such as expanding the font of the message to make it more visible . Again, Elon Musk followed up on it.

But on August 1, a user of Dog Fashion Seattle resident reported his mishap, which could be costly to the dog, as reported Numerama. He realized that, after he himself manually changed the speed of the fans , the Dog Mode did not activate the air conditioning . It turned out that the device only managed it in automatic mode . Fortunately, the man had left the mobile application open was able to realize the malfunction in time to react, while the temperature of the passenger compartment exceeded 29 ° C and continued to rise. Here is his tweet:

And as usual, Elon Musk was quick to react on the social network, promising that the Dog Mode would be corrected as soon as possible so that the air conditioning continues to work even after a manual adjustment.


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