A woman comes to the aid of a drowning dog, she realizes that he was weighted with stones!

Thanks to the intervention of a woman, a dog was saved when everything had been done to get rid of her. The owners of the animal have been identified and prosecuted.

Last January, in Farndon in the English county of Nottinghamshire, Jane Harper was walking her dogs with a friend, Joanne Bellamy , when they saw something in the River Trent . It was a dog on its side, the body partly submerged . Jane Harper believed him dead, but saw him blink, reports the BBC .

She thought the animal, who was actually a dog , had gotten into this situation by accident , but as she pulled her out of the water, she realized it was not accidental at all. They had tied it to a huge stone to weight it down and kill it by drowning it.

A Belgian Shepherd type (probably Tervueren ), she was narrowly rescued by Jane Harper , who was then helped by another canine owner, followed by a woman who brought towels to dry and warm her up.

Taken to a veterinarian , the dog was subsequently taken care of by the RSPCA at her shelter in Nottinghamshire, where she continued to receive care .

Local police have opened an investigation. An identification chip was discovered in the animal, which goes by the name Bella . Its owners have been identified: Leigh Johnson , 32, and Charlene Latham , 31.

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Arrested , then released pending trial , they are accused of an act of cruelty to an animal and must answer to justice. There was talk of them appearing in court in early July, but the hearing was postponed due to the coronavirus, according to the Newark Advertiser .


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