Save an endangered species, a dog is trained for it!

IFAW / Facebook

Bear is the only dog in the world who has been trained to find living koalas. Its mission is to locate them especially during natural disasters so that they can be collected and treated.

The recent wildfires in Australia have not only devastated large wooded areas, but they have also worsened the situation of already endangered animals, including the koala . Hundreds of representatives of the species have unfortunately lost their lives as a result of the flames and it is now time to try to find the survivors to take them to safety and take care of them.

Bear is already hard at work helping animal welfare organizations and firefighters with this mission. This Border Collie / Koolie cross dog (Australian breed not recognized by the FCI ) has, in fact, been specifically trained to detect live koalas . As soon as he sniffs one, he sits up to report it to his master.

Employed by Detection Dogs for Conservation , Bear trained with a team at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. A beautiful journey, when we know that he had been abandoned when he was still a very young puppy . During his career, he helped rescue dozens of koalas .

Since October and the outbreak of the gigantic forest fires, the dog has been roaming the charred areas in search of surviving koalas, but so far, he has not discovered any , according to the Facebook post of the IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) below.

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