The meticulous maneuvers of the firefighters to free a puppy trapped in a sewer

Our 4-legged friends sometimes need the intervention of a human to get out of a difficult situation. In Cork City, Ireland, firefighters had to launch a rescue operation after a puppy fell into a sewer.

An adorable little dog recently went through a frightening ordeal. The young adventurer accidentally fell into a sewer.

Her worried family had no choice but to contact the fire department, CorkBeo reports. Their animal was literally trapped underground.

© Cork City Fire Brigade

A rescue unit quickly arrived at the scene of the accident. The professionals rushed to the rescue of the puppy, whose life was threatened … Indeed, he could have lacked oxygen.

© Cork City Fire Brigade

More fear than harm

Its anxious owners did not take their eyes off for a single moment the intervention of the firefighters.

They preferred not to deploy electric tools so as not to injure the canine. With a few skillful movements, they managed to disassemble the system and recover the prisoner. The puny creature escaped unscathed, though wet and tired. It was a nerve-racking experience, but luckily there was more fear than harm.

© Cork City Fire Brigade

The owners were relieved and happy to be able to hug their baby again.

The rescuers have become the heroes of the puppy! They were delighted to be able to save a life, to lend a hand to an animal in distress.

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© Cork City Fire Brigade

This is far from the only case relayed by Woopets . Last April, a team of firefighters intervened in Whittlesey, a town in England, to extirpate a cat from a sewer 4 meters deep. After several hours of maneuvering, the feline was able to breathe in the open air and join his family in complete safety.


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