More than 70 dogs stolen for trafficking and returned to their owners by the police

Police in Wales rescued dozens of dogs, most of which had been stolen. Some may have been returned to their owners. The officers work to identify the owners of other canines. One person was arrested.

In the UK, authorities have been sounding the alarm for months over the dramatic increase in dog theft . Acting individually or in organized gangs, criminals do not hesitate to break into homes and farms to seize animals in order to sell them directly or to breed them . They go so far as to remove the identification chips worn by quadrupeds.

A trend driven by the growing demand for pets, observed since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic .

It is against this backdrop that in Wales, Dyfed-Powys and South Wales Police Department recently searched 2 sites where they expected to find kidnapped dogs and puppies. .

6 stolen dogs recovered from one site, more than 70 found at another

In the town of Briton Ferry , near Swansea , 6 stolen dogs were thus recovered by the police and returned to their owners . One of them “ fell into the water from panic when he was released. A police officer saved him from drowning,South Wales Police Force Cath Larkman told the Daily Mail .

In Carmarthenshire , their colleagues at Dyfed-Powys intervened at a property where they discovered 70 to 80 dogs . They had been alerted by a breeder who had removed 5 bitches and 17 puppies on January 22. The officers spent all day Tuesday (January 26) to identify all the animals and try to know the owners in order to return them to them.

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One person has been arrested for the moment, and investigations are continuing. Dyfed-Powys Police Inspector Barry Kelly has received 7 reports of stolen dogs in the past 6 months .


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