17 dogs survive three days of hell at US airport, had no food or water

Citing the lack of adequate documents, a cargo airline left 18 dogs in one of the warehouses at the Chicago airport for several days, without food or water. One of them died.

Chicago police rescued 17 dogs that had been left in a cage without food or drink at the O’Hare International Airport. Sadly, an 18th canine has been discovered dead , reports CBS Chicago .

They had come from Amman , the capital of Jordan, and had arrived by plane in the United States last Friday (August 28). They were transported by a cargo airline , which then claimed that the delay in releasing them was caused by the non-compliance of their vaccination documents , essential during international transport.

Chicago Animal Control Service took care of 2 of the 17 animals. The remaining 15 were entrusted to other agencies, again according to CBS . For its part, the company denied the negligence accusations and provided the American media with receipts attesting, according to it, that it had provided food and other products to the dogs.

A similar incident had taken place in early August at the same airport. This time the dogs were coming from Russia, where they were being raised. Measures related to the Covid-19 pandemic had delayed travel to their destination, Alabama. During the stopover at Chicago airport, the quadrupeds spent 2 days in a warehouse . Staci Yates , owner of one, says his one-year -old Labrador Retriever was lying on his own droppings in his cage, and struggled to stand on his feet for a few days after his mishap. .

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She holds the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which is the primary US federal agency for the protection of public health, accountable for this situation. CBS Chicago attempted to seek clarification from CDC, but its requests went unanswered.


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